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Welcome to O.W.L. Outdoor Wisdom and Learning

What is O.W.L.?

"Nature provides for those who have the Seeing Eye. There is food, drink and the wherewithal for living anywhere, for those with Outdoor Wisdom and Learning."

Welcome to O.W.L

Welcome to O.W.L.- Outdoor Wisdom and Learning.

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Regardless of whomever you are, and whatever your experiences are...if you, or those that you look after, want to become more skilled and crafted outside O.W.L. can help you to achieve this. 

Whether you are an educational setting or private client please read on to find out more about how I can help to bring you closer to the outside or use it to move your children on.


As an independent Outside Educationalist and the owner of O.W.L. (Outdoor Wisdom & Learning) in Staffordshire, England, I teach a variety of methods that involve living off the land and integrating the outdoors into the educational system and people’s lives. 

During 37 years of experience I have earned a BEd (Hons) degree in teaching, Wilderness Living Skills Instructor Level 4 and Forest School Instructor Level 4 qualification.  I am also first aid qualified, and trained in food hygiene, health and safety and Safeguarding. 

OWL was named as a Top 100 Business in the Barclays Trading Places Awards 2009 and I am currently working on new ways to help the people re-connect and feel more confident with the outside.  To this end, unique to the O.W.L. for 2017, is the O.W.L. Existence Training programme©.

If you would to know more about O.W.L. Existence Training©, Forest School delivery or training please visit the relevant pages on my website.  You will also find links to contact me, photographs and a brief ‘bio’ at the bottom of the page.


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