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Disaster Planning


Natural or man-made! A disaster has many forms but with the same outcome- a dramatic change to the norm!

With ever increasing fuel and food costs, an over-stretched NHS, natural disasters, extreme weather patterns, disruption to power, communication and transport networks, terrorism, an increasing population…it is little wonder that increasing numbers of people are concerned about the future and how to protect their loved ones.

Over the past few years many people have approached O.W.L. with the same question… ‘What would I do if this happened?’



How strong is your will to survival the event? When given the chance to do something would you do it, sit there and wait for someone to do it for you or hope that it goes away?

O.W.L. can help you to develop a more useful mind set for these situations, decide which resources to acquire, what to do if you have absolutely nothing and find yourself living without the modern infrastructures of today’s society.

By integrating Coopers Color code system into your training you will be able to develop your situational awareness, which is probably the most important skill to have.

Cooper's Color Code

Learn the following…and more!

What are my priorities?
Organising equipment into layers of importance
Creating emergency kit bags
Stockpiling the basics
Hiding caches of supplies
What to do when there is no doctor
Dealing with society when it is meltdown
Surviving when you have nothing and your kit is elsewhere
How a house with no services and a cave are alike
Will your actions make things worse or better?
Will you be able to keep your loved ones safe and provided for?

For group sizes and prices please contact me.

Please note that although most people that attend are adults, if you want to do the sessions as a family unit, especially as this could be the situation you find yourself in, this can be arranged at the time of booking.

There is also the ability to organise the day around your specific needs and interest where possible. Ask about these at the time of booking.