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At 8pm, Christmas Day 2007, O.W.L. became more than just an idea!

Both my wife and I had been trying to think of company names that used animals, with little success, until the owl was suggested- O.W.L.- Outdoor Wisdom & Learning was the one!

To go with the new name a logo was needed that represented what the company would be about. The logo is made up of three images, each one standing for one of the areas that O.W.L. is involved with-

  1. Axe- Outdoor- Research and Development- Constantly trying out methods, techniques and equipment to find out what really works and then integrating this new-found knowledge into skill sets and sessions that O.W.L. delivers.
  2. Owl- Wisdom- Training others- Training others to develop and upgrade their skill set so that they can take participants outside and use it as the learning platform.
  3. Tree- Learning- Educating others- O.W.L. working directly with participants, in all manner of situations, helping to educate and develop them as an individual; personally, socially and intellectually.
  4. When the words are used around the logo- the letters O.W.L. represent the sun and weather whilst the words Outdoor Wisdom & Learning represent the ground that is underneath us.